Telenor and DYMATRIX: analytical marketing of mobile telephony

Telenor increases the relevance of its customer interactions and DYMATRIX strengthens its internationalization strategy

Stuttgart, 17 March 2015 – Using DynaMine, the self-learning Customer Advanced Analytics solution from DYMATRIX, Telenor Serbia optimizes its marketing for a variety of channels such as telesales and SMS, thereby creating new opportunities for customer dialog. With some 185 million mobile customers in 13 countries, the Norwegian Telenor Group is one of the world’s leading mobile network operators. Next Best Offer capability is one essential building block of Telenor Group’s European Analytics Hub with Telenor Serbia being at the forefront of these analytics.

Within the context of a pilot project in Serbia, several models were developed to create purchase propensity scores for specific products; pre-defined business rules were then applied to calculate Next Best Offer rankings.

A test run across all campaigns for the SMS channel produced a 28% uplift compared to a target group selected before utilizing DynaMine. Telenor Serbia will now be able to automate the calculation of Next Best Offer rankings for use in targeted customer communications. This means the right products can be offered to customers at the right time.

“The work done together with DYMATRIX will enable us to offer personalized & relevant products to our customers based on utilizing advanced customer insights & analytics” says Arslan Javed, Director Customer Value Management & Analytics of Telenor. The DYMATRIX solution has convinced the company in every way: “DYMATRIX’s unique analytical approach and its completely automated solution for data mining models will definitely improve the quality of our prognoses.”

Stefan Weingärtner, Managing Director for Big Data & Analytics at DYMATRIX, concludes: “We are utterly delighted with this successful project with Telenor, a top global company. The Next Best Offer deployment in Serbia can potentially be replicated to business units in other European countries. This lays the foundation for Telenor to improve the relevance of its customer communications throughout the Group.”

Telenor and DYMATRIX: analytical marketing of mobile telephony (249 KB)