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Shopping cart abandonment mailings


Automated campaigns for the recovery of shopping abandonments

Due to many different reason like additional shipping charges, or not available payment options, many online-shopping process are getting cancelled by the customer. The rate of the shopping cart abandonments rises approximately between 40 and 80 percent.

Our shopping cart abandonment mailings ensure the recovery for customers and the security of potential sales volume. The conversion rate of the shopping cart abandonment mailings reaches up to 15%.

The Next Best Offer is an opportunity for an extension of the mailings.

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Coupon optimization

Sending coupons only to the right target group

Coupons are the most depending factor for a customer´s and end-consumer´s purchase. But for online retailer and merchants this is a blessing and a curse due to the fact that customers are getting reached by various communication channels.

Of course, coupons increase the response, but on the other hand is the incentive depositing immediately the result of the company.

By sending out coupons, customers start buying items which might have not been sold otherwise. However, the use of coupons is also a privilege for customers who have already made a purchase.

With the knowledge of that, the best way to reach your selected target group of customers is the coupon optimization for marketing campaigns. Coupons will be only send out to a selected customer group which leads to an increase of your margin.

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Gutschein Optimierung