Business Marketing Consulting


CRM Preliminary and Feasibility Studies

Evaluation and validation of your ideas

In the context of preliminary studies, we record the status quo and your requirements through workshops and individual interviews with affected parties. We take on the preparation, follow-up and moderation of the workshops for you, and we’re also happy to share our content expertise! The lessons learned are distilled and cataloged in the requirements document, which is then compared with the market at large to identify potential solutions and implementation partners. If desired, we can also support you with your calls for proposal, evaluations of the submissions and writing a decision document. We’ll also gladly help you prepare and execute a proof of concept.

Introduction and Continued Development of Campaign Management Processes

Optimized and fully-automated customer communication

Having successfully completed over 650 implementation projects in the CRM arena, our consultants have extensive cross-industry expertise in campaign management. We help you create efficient campaign management processes and analyze the success of your marketing activities at the customer touchpoint, in order to determine the most effective contact channels for your campaigns. By developing innovative campaign approaches (e.g. loyalty programs, churn prevention, new customer processes, win-back programs, etc.) we help you glean the most value for you and your customers. To make the success of your campaigns measurable, we derive appropriate performance indicators and use a sophisticated control group concept. All measures serve the purpose of continually optimizing and controlling the contact strategy.

Optimization of campaign management processes

Conceptual development

CRM Requirements Management and Conceptualization

360° customer view for customer-oriented communication

CRM places the customer in the center of your activities. That’s why business processes should be set up from the very start to accommodate effective and sustainable customer communications. Our extensive project experience helps us help you with the conceptual elaboration of your ideas, for both operative and analytical CRM.

Because your customers are your most valuable capital, we work with you to develop appropriate measures and the necessary conditions for bringing customer relationship management to life. We help you build sustainable customer acquisition and value-oriented complaint management processes.

By integrating your online and offline data, you can gain a 360° view of your customers. This is a prerequisite for customer-value-oriented measures and, therefore, for ensuring long-term organizational success.

Process Optimization

Efficient processes for increasing value creation

More and more often, the objective of a project is to realize the potential previously identified for improving efficiency and quality. This requires examining and optimizing processes regarding their efficacy. But it’s always important to consider the customer viewpoint and balance your strategic goals against it.

Together with you, we work out the requirements and put forward potential solutions in the form of best practice approaches. When creating and optimizing processes, we place particular emphasis on transparency, comprehensibility and involvement of the affected parties. Numerous customer projects have shown that a collaborative and iterative approach can uncover decisive optimization potential.

We let you know what tasks await you, what know-how needs to be developed and which processes have to be implemented. In addition, we support and coach the affected business units and employees, so that they can quickly adapt to their new responsibilities.

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