Realtime Recommendations

Cross Sell – Real-time Recommendations

Individualized real-time offers in online channels and email marketing

The visitors to your online shop or portal know within seconds whether they’re going to stay a while – or move on. In making that decision, the specific relevance of the content you present them plays the most important role: the more interesting the content is for any given visitor or customer, the longer he’ll stay on your site, and the greater your opportunity to increase conversion rates and revenues. Cross Sell – Real-time Recommendations supports you in creating individualized product recommendations in real time. A connected web analysis solution allows you to track the success of your recommendations and continuously adapt them for your visitors.

To us, real-time marketing automation means the perfectly-tuned orchestration of analytical recommendations, overriding business rules and personalized campaigns.


Real-time Marketing


With a 360° customer view, intelligent decisions can be made in real time. Cross-selling / real-time recommendations make it possible to:

  • Use intelligent recommendation rules to treat customers individually on each of your landing pages, regardless of whether they’re returning or unknown visitors
  • Increase revenues through higher shopping-basket values, as well as through cross-selling measures
  • Reduce costs associated with mark-downs of overstocked or seasonal articles
  • Fine-tune product recommendations with business rules, without requiring technical IT expertise


Areas of application

Product recommendations in online shops

Display recommended products in the most strategic plac

In your online shop there are various options for placing product recommendations – the right spot at the right time.

To start off, you follow your basic presets: simple rules like “product B goes with product A” or “customers who bought this also bought that”. This entices the customer to keep browsing and consider a purchase.

In the next step, you can refine these rules, and you can also define business rules yourself. Thus, for example during planned sales events, recommendations can be overridden by user-defined business rules that suggest specific articles over others.

With behavior-based recommendations you take it another step further. For this, the behavior of the current visitor is analyzed: via which marketing channel did he get here? Where did he start his journey? Did he click on any specific categories? Has he repeatedly looked at sales items? Based on this information, personalized product recommendations are defined automatically for him – in real time.

Employing self-learning cross-selling algorithms, the innovative technology combines product and web analysis data with user-specific behavioral data. Customers can be treated individually, regardless of whether they’re returning or unknown visitors. Sophisticated fallback mechanisms ensure that it’s always the most appropriate products that are presented.


Re-marketing with personalized mailings

Put recommendations to work in your email marketing

Most email marketing gets lost in the flood of items that fill the inboxes of your customers. Yet, through individual product recommendations, even this form of customer contact can be raised to a new level of personalization. The same customer journey that provides a data basis for product recommendations in an online shop can be used to continuously learn about the individual preferences of subscribers to your newsletter, so that the information in the emails can be tailored based on the customer’s surf behavior. This interface is also suited to re-motivating potential buyers who have abandoned items in a shopping basket.


Using recommendations in conjunction with campaigns

Integrated into your campaign management, real-time recommendations substantially increase the level of personalization. This makes it possible to display products featured in your campaigns as recommendations in your online shop, once a customer logs in. Additionally, in email re-marketing, the personalization achieved through teal-time recommendations further increases potential revenues. Grow your existing customer base and remind them intelligently of products left unpurchased in their shopping baskets. Data acquisition, segmentation, communication through mail providers, the serving of recommendations and performance measurement are all carried out automatically via the connected plug-ins and data services.