Cross-Channel Campaign Management

DynaCampaign – Campaign Management

Marketing Automation with cross-channel campaign management

As the number and complexity of campaigns grow, the length of their effective life shrinks. Therefore, marketing processes must be managed ever more efficiently, in order to increase value for the customer while recognizing and tapping into the cross- and upselling potential.

Mapping of the entire campaign process

DynaCampaign supports the entire campaign processes by simplifying the structuring of planning, segmentation and execution phases.

Besides ensuring a high degree of transparency, this greatly simplifies the creation and carrying out of campaigns, enabling you to prepare marketing and sales activities on very short notice, to run parallel campaigns, to automate processes, and to react in real time. Running campaigns across multiple channels makes it possible for you to address your customers individually and in a targeted manner – wherever they go to communicate with you.


Automate your marketing activities
  • Increase your conversion rates with individualized, automated, cross-channel customer interactions
  • Straightforward execution of complex cross-channel marketing strategies
  • Quicker response to changing customer needs through automation and real-time execution of marketing communication
  • Increased customer value through consideration of individual cross- and upsell potential
  • Faster ROI through easy integration with existing system architectures and data warehouses