Marketing Automation

Customer Insight Suite – Marketing Automation

pictorial representation of the marketing automation process with the Customer Insight Suite of DYMATRIX

Individualized and Automated – Cross-Channel Customer Interaction

Increased retention, happier customers, higher revenues

With Marketing Automation, you can communicate with all your customers and prospects directly at the touchpoint – regardless of where they are in the customer lifecycle: from identifying prospects on diverse websites and other media platforms to lead generation, increased conversion rates, cross- and upselling, through to win-back of churned customers.

Marketing Automation supports you in strengthening customer relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction with personalized offers. The unique combination of intelligent data analytics, cross-channel execution processes and a real-time campaign success monitor provides you a powerful tool for visualizing even the most complex marketing strategies

Data Management / Big Data

Smart integration and combination of data

At the heart of Marketing Automation is the intelligent aggregation of relevant customer and prospect information from all customer touchpoints. Whether you’re working with structured or unstructured data: offline, online, historical and current customer behavior can be combined together and enriched with external sources.

Data management / Big Data

Analysis / BI

Analysis / Business Intelligence

From data create knowledge: from knowledge create a competitive advantage!

Get to know who your customers really are by teaming up data management with customer behavior analysis (Big Data Advanced Analytics). For each customer or prospect, identify individual affinities or propensities to churn and create customer profiles that contain the information required for your interactions with them.

Of increasing importance in the Marketing Automation process are automated analyses and evaluations of content and sentiments in social networks. Why? Because this is the only way to discern what really moves your customers, providing you the basis for setting appropriate measures into action! You gain knowledge about how your brand is perceived – and thus, an advantage over your competitors.


Success is not an accident

Planning and controlling are decisive success factors for a fully-automated and complex communications strategy. With the Customer Insight Suite, you can structure, plan and monitor your multi-channel campaign processes in all phases – automatically, and therefore efficiently and cost-effectively – irrespective of the which communication platform (newsletters, SMS, displays, catalogs or high-value white mailings) you use to interact with your customers.

Campaign flow

Targeting & segmentation

Targeting & Segmenting

Find customers with the highest revenue potential

Analytical segmentation and selection of target groups based on customer behavior underlie the preparation of appropriate offers: presented at the optimal time via the customer’s preferred touchpoint, they guarantee tailored interactions with target groups.

Being able to estimate the number of contacts makes it possible to estimate the success rate in advance. Thus, the definition of the target group becomes an important instrument even in the planning phase – no technical IT expertise required!

Design & Content

The economy of attention

The best targeting and the most complex marketing strategy remain utterly ineffective if the content doesn’t resonate with the respective customers. Personalized landing pages, individually-controlled display and banner campaigns or variable newsletter contents that cater to the specific customer’s preferences: these are all central to the Marketing Automation process. We help you generate the optimal content for your online marketing.

Design & content

Cross-Channel interaction

Real-Time Recommendations & Campaign Optimization

Multi-channel interaction via integration with all customer touchpoints

The Real-Time Recommendation Engine of the Customer Insight Suite automates the processing of real-time interactions and reactions (e.g. clickstreams on the landing page), which you can immediately exploit for presenting individualized offers or recommendations on all customer touchpoints (e.g. online shops, call centers, retail points, direct marketing). Make the best possible decisions and react quickly to changing customer needs.

Campaign Management

Centralized management of all customer touchpoints

Cross-channel campaign management makes it possible to avoid overlaps between campaigns and customer touchpoints, to develop contact and follow-up strategies, and to orient campaigns toward the customer via all touchpoints (display/online/offline). This ensures that you address customers at optimal intervals via their preferred touchpoints – instead of bombarding them.

Campaign control

Response measurement

Response Measuring

In the end, what counts is the result

Comprehensive evaluation of responses via all customer touchpoints completes the circle of Marketing Automation processes. With standard and ad hoc reporting solutions tailored specifically to your requirements, we help you keep an eye on all campaign results, to glean the most relevant knowledge from them and to apply those learnings to future campaigns.

We’d be delighted to demonstrate – either online or at your premises – how the DYMATRIX product portfolio can support your company’s specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you!