Social Media Analytics

Social Media Monitoring

Measurement and analysis of opinions in social networks

DYMATRIX monitors the most important social networks. Contributions that are deemed relevant are automatically checked via language recognition for sentiment, influencer value, and authenticity, and easily-customizable standard dashboards offer you an overview of their current status. DYMATRIX provides access to your data, including all established classifications, thereby facilitating detailed analysis of individual contributions. Besides capturing the data in social webs, you can also easily tap your own forums, product review sites and blogs. And you can set up automatic messaging to inform you immediately of critical or fake contributions.

DynaSocial Applications


Efficient use of social media

  • Determine the current sentiment in the social web – both generally and in specific relation to your brands, your products and your competitors
  • Automated identification of influencers
  • Immediate engagement in user dialog in response to messages deemed especially relevant/li>
  • Recognition of the authenticity of contributions, especially in product reviews
  • Setting up of your own classifications such as message type (complaint, criticism, support request)
  • Early automatic recognition of potential hype topics with Hype Detection technology
  • Optional: in-house data storage


Fields of Application

Social media is one of the few communication channels that allow your customers to provide you direct feedback about your company and your products. Depending on your requirements, DYMATRIX analyses can help you glean profitable knowledge from social web content.

Monitoring the sentiment of social web contributions works to detect brewing problems before they get out of hand. Which, in turn, makes it possible to take measures to keep a critical discussion from turning into public outrage! Additionally, you can compare the measured impact of your marketing activities to those of your competitors, to learn how to optimize your social web marketing. Of course, you can also use the analysis to determine customer satisfaction by product in order to adjust your offerings accordingly.

Overview of potential application areas
Marketing Sentiment analysis
Sentiment analysis at channel level
Monitoring of the competition
Identification of optimization potential through sentiment analysis at the competition
Measuring the influence of marketing activities
Measuring the success of marketing activities via discussion analysis
Social media optimization
Identification of products and services that are particularly suited for social media
Prevention of public outcry
Recognition of critical messages and discussions that threaten to rage out of control, enabling timely preventive measures
Product management Evaluation of returned goods
Identification of products with which your customers are particularly dissatisfied
Product range management
Recognition of customer needs and wishes, for optimizing the product range
Selected Application Examples



Keep an eye on your reputation in the social web

DYMATRIX automatically analyzes all contributions deemed relevant, surfacing the most important information regarding sentiment, influencer values and authenticity in an easily-customizable dashboard. This allows you to see at a glance how customers view your company and/or brand in the social networks

Hype detection

Prevention of public outcry – recognize trends and negative discussions that threaten to rage out of control

Sometimes even the most innocuous statements can make big waves in the social networks, causing serious damage to your brand’s image or economic viability.

DYMATRIX helps you detect negative upswells so you can take counteractive measures before they rage out of control.

The straightforward layout of the user interfaces help you keep an eye on sentiment and discussion topics through analysis of messages.

Identifikation of trends and shitstorms
Identifikation of moods in social web

Automatic analysis of reviews by authenticity

Authenticity validation

Automatic identification of fake reviews

Determining the authenticity of customer reviews is usually something that your staff has to do manually. But depending on the number of reviews you have, this can quickly consume too many personnel resources to be affordable. With our text mining technology, a large portion of this manual work can be automated. DYMATRIX assumes the task of previewing the messages, so that only selected reviews have to be examined manually.


Identification of influencers

Recognize the users who exert a lot of influence over your brand.

Some of your customers are opinion leaders who exert influence on other users in the social web and can therefore directly affect topics and sentiment. Therefore, it’s important for your organization to know which opinion leaders exert the most influence over your brand. DYMATRIX provides an overview of these key influencers – at the product or product category level – so that you can engage with them profitably for your company.

Overview of influencers

Example of a sentiment map

Sentiment maps

Geographic representation of sentiment distribution

Increasingly, messages in social media are tagged with location information. DYMATRIX automatically links this geographical data to the sentiment analysis and displays tonality and hotspots in an intuitive map.

The information can be used, for example, in cooperation with diverse service providers (e.g. logistics companies) or services (e.g. telecommunications) to identify weak spots and potential for optimization.

Tag clouds

See at a glance what moves your community

The easy-to-interpret tag cloud gives you an overview of the most frequently used keywords. Relevance and tonality are highlighted through font size and color.