KNIME Customer Intelligence Solutions

As long-term KNIME Trusted Partner, we offer innovative Customer Intelligence solutions for KNIME by pairing the world’s leading Open Analytics platform, KNIME, with our unique Customer Intelligence solution expertise. Besides using the latest algorithms, we’ve made it a priority to address the most relevant Customer Intelligence issues via the KNIME platform – by experts, for experts.

Using the Customer Intelligence nodes is extremely easy: furthermore, our nodes can be combined with and linked to all existing KNIME functionality nodes.


KNIME Customer Intelligence Solution WorkflowKNIME Customer Intelligence Solutions

We adhere strictly to the KNIME Open Standards: our Customer Intelligence nodes

comply with the most recent PMML standards to facilitate the deployment of embedded predictive analytics models within any application. Your predictive models are therefore easily deployed in both your online shops and CRM systems, or used for in-database scoring and answering questions with big data analytics.