Our philosophy

The customer is at the center of all we do

There’s no doubt: we’re a customer-driven service organization. But we meet our customers eye-to-eye, as equal partners. We identify with their needs and adapt our solutions to their individual requirements. Because if the customer’s not happy, we’re not happy. Period.


We don’t just talk about it: we do it

We aren’t just full of theories – we see our customers through the entire process from conception to successful completion. Our solutions provide our customers competitive advantages by helping them to make better decisions and optimize their business processes and services. This, in turn, enables them to generate long-lasting added value and satisfy their own customers.


We live to innovate

Our expectations and drive carry us forward – and our customers too. We make use of the latest technogies, incorporating them into our solutions. We combine our knowledge across industries, thereby continually enhancing our skills base. That keeps us progressing. Even now.


Always a step ahead

Not only are we constantly on the move, we’re at the forefront. It’s no accident that DYMATRIX is headquartered in the same area where Ferdinand Porsche set up his legendary engineering office – paving the way for the global success story known as Volkswagen. But we share more than just a location: we also burn with the same fire of innovation. We love a good challenge! That’s how you convert innovation into reality.