Corporate culture

One of the things that defines us is our corporate culture.

We thirst after knowledge

Our philosophy is that you have to keep striving for the top in order to stay ahead. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for new approaches. We’re in a constant cycle of learning and improvement, whether that’s through formal continuing education or on-the-job experience. What unites us? Our drive to innovate and our enthusiasm for new ideas. And yes, sometimes we wind up venturing into new areas as pioneers. Being a part of that motivates us to do even more!


We’re committed to performance

If you’re independent and self-motivated, you’re just our type. Our stimulating work environment offers great freedom and the opportunity to make your own decisions. It’s no secret: we work hard! But we don’t just make demands, we also foster growth. Whether you’re a topic expert, a project manager or an executive, for us “having a career” is not just lip service.


We enjoy work and love life

In our opinion, motivation arises from delight in the work itself. The challenges of the market in general and our customers in specific, as well as the variety of the engagements, make our jobs at DYMATRIX interesting. We operate on a project basis in individual teams of consultants; we don’t just appoint people to chores. We identify with the company and our mutually-shared ideas, and we’re proud of our success. And because we put so much of ourselves into it, we like to celebrate afterwards. As they say: “Laboris gloria ludi” – work hard, play hard!


We appreciate collegiality and have a finely-tuned sense of community

Thinking as a team is important to us. Elsewhere that may just be flowery speech, but here we live it. We prize the connections we have to each other and build on them. Which doesn’t mean that we strive for homogeneity! Rather, we respect and promote different ways of thinking and acting. Not only do we have creative minds and innovators, we also have the structured implementer-types. We aren’t stuck on strict career paths and work in a flat hierarchy. That provides for an open culture – and is what makes us so successful.